AYFKM?! Joe Biden much more coherent than Trump!

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AYFKM?! Joe Biden much more coherent than Trump! 1

There is no depth of humiliation that MSM pundits will not endure in order to keep their power and privilege.

As I wrote earlier today, the goal of the MSM is to be “truthful, not neutral,” which is sophist-speak for supporting The Narrative™. And the Narrative is forever and always that Democrats are angels and Republicans are devils. Democrats are geniuses and “experts” while Republicans are evil, stupid slavemasters. Democrats tell the truth and Republicans lie.


The humiliation is acceptable because it is the humiliation that only courtiers experience–all are slaves in the presence of the Emperor, so none can go any lower. And since courtiers retain their power over the peasants they can pass the humiliation down and despise the masses in recompense.

How humiliating must it be to go on national TV and claim that Joe Biden hasn’t lost a step or a thousand? Or that Biden is coherent? There isn’t a person in Washington DC, no less outside of it, who actually believes that he is still entirely with it. We can debate whether the problem is actual dementia or mere exhaustion, mental and physical, but what we cannot seriously argue about is whether Joe Biden has the capacity to execute the office of president.

Even Democrats will tell pollsters this, and partisans rarely will say out loud things critical of their side to strangers. That some Democrats don’t say it though they believe it is unsurprising–quite normal, actually–that so many do tells you that the problem has gone beyond “open secret.” The Democrat leadership would love to get rid of Biden and replace him, but has the problem that this would result in a battle for the top spot that would kill the Democrats’ prospects for victory.


So everybody pretends, and people like Morning Ho Scarborough must beclown themselves by saying that Biden is much more coherent than Trump.

I think Trump is many things, and many of those are not good, but it’s hard to argue that one of them is incapable of communicating his thoughts. He isn’t articulate, in the sense of being a master of the King’s English, but is perfectly cogent. You know what he is saying; he knows; and the Left knows and HATES it. With a passion. There is no question of Trump’s senility, although inevitably his age and lifestyle will catch up with him at some point.

Trump just spent over an hour getting grilled on Meet the Press. Imagine Joe Biden surviving 10 minutes without embarrassing himself–and he would have an interlocutor desperate to help him, not torpedo him.

Biden has not descended into madness as Henry VI of England or Charles VI of France did; he is more in the mold of the old Leonid Brezhnev or Konstantin Chernenko–decrepit old men kept in office to avoid the inevitable power struggle that follows the death of an autocrat.

What is striking about Morning Ho’s paean to Joe Biden’s mental agility is just how pathetic it is. Literally nobody believes it, but it must be said. Even Biden supporters know it is an utter lie.


Which begs the question: if they know that the MSM will lie on something so obvious, why do they believe any of these shills on anything else? I have zero doubt that most of his watchers nod along as climate change or COVID is discussed, eating up every word. Given how obvious a liar he and his cohort are, why believe them on anything?

Cognitive dissonance is an amazing thing.