President Joe Biden said Don Lemon is “one of the most informed journalists in this country” after the host asked him how to fix the mistrust in the system at a CNN town hall on Wednesday.

BIDEN:  Well, I think you’re going to — it’s going to seem like a non-answer to start with. One of the things I said when I ran for office — this not Democrat/Republican again — is we’ve got to restore faith in government. You’ve got to get people to the point where they trust government. 
And I made a commitment that, when I made a mistake, I’d tell you. And I’ve made mistakes. And when I think I got it right, I’ll say it. But I’ll take responsibility for what I do and say. Part of it is just generally–
No, I don’t mean — part of it is generally raising confidence in elected officials. Raising confidence. And I know this is going to sound like a non-answer to you, but part of this is that, you know — you know, because you’re one of the most informed journalists in the country. 
You know the criticism I got when I said I want to unite the country? They said, “You can’t unite the country.”  Well, if we can’t unite the country, we can never get some of these problems solved.