Remember Anthony Kern, the guy who was part of the insurrection and also the guy allowed to put his grimy hands all over the Arizona ballots as one of the phony “auditors” altering checking ballots? That guy?
It turns out he has a past which is easy to find with a simple Google search, and one which reporter Arizona Republic Ryan Randazzo explained to a shocked Nicolle Wallace and her MSBNC viewers on Monday.
Randazzo, as you may recall, is the reporter who was booted from the arena where he was an official press observer for no apparent reason.
“I was escorted out by security and the person who took me outside the building just said it was over that picture,” Randazzo explained. “I had tweeted a picture of a former lawmaker counting ballots and that lawmaker was actually at the Capitol on January 6th, so I thought that was newsworthy, that we had someone who traveled from Arizona to the Capitol for the riots that disrupted Congress, and now he’s down counting ballots.”
He added, “That gentleman also was on that ballot, so I thought it, again, was newsworthy.”
That gentleman was Anthony Kern, who was on the ballot as an elector for Trump and also as a candidate for re-election, which he lost. But wait! There’s more.

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