CBS: Is Apple sacrificing its values by being in Texas and advertising on Twitter?

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CBS: Is Apple sacrificing its values by being in Texas and advertising on Twitter? 1

Apple makes just about everything it sells in China, one of the most repressive countries in the world and the #1 emitter of greenhouse gases.

That isn’t a problem for CBS when it comes to Apple living up to its woke values. Literally not worth mentioning.


No, what really chaps CBS’ butt is that Apple has operations in Texas and advertises on Twitter, giving aid and comfort to the unwashed masses of America.

TEXAS! TWITTER!!! How can Apple not blush?

No, I am not kidding.

CBS asked Tim Cook about why he has operations in transphobic Texas and why it deigns to do business with Elon Musk, but is utterly silent about the genocidal politics of China, because, well, China is communist and communism must be good.

I hadn’t seen Cook’s interview with CBS’ Sunday Morning until Morano tweeted out his criticism, so I forced myself to watch the interview. It was truly execrable, celebrating Cook as a “celebrity” and acting as Apple’s publicity arm. That, in itself, is typical MSM boosterism of its advertisers and of the rich and famous. Hardly shocking or even notable.


The segment is one long advertisement for wokism. Solar panels, Net Zero, alphabet ideology, the works. Some good Republican bashing. Apple is the microcosm of the world they want to create, and when the reality of Apple doesn’t match the rhetoric, they simply ignore the fact. As with China. Apple, unsurprisingly, praises China to the skies because both their manufacturing and their market expansion depends on China, and we would be fools to expect Cook to fall on his sword and criticize the touchy Chinese.

Hence Apple’s hypocrisy is forgivable and expected. It is little more than marketing, and that marketing has worked wonders for the company.

But CBS knows that more than 95% of iPhones, AirPods, Macs and iPads are made in China. Texas is a pimple on Apple’s butt compared to China, but Texas annoys CBS. So they take a shot at Texas to score political points.

CBS’ virtue signaling too, by now is expected, but still noteworthy. The “journalists” at CBS clearly find Texas and Twitter morally offensive, without giving a whit about China’s daily descent into totalitarian hell.

Actually, that is too kind. They envy China’s totalitarianism, since they are agitating to bring China-style social credit systems to the West. With somewhat different end goals, perhaps, but the mechanisms are entirely similar. They are already acting as state media; they long for the censorship and ability to cancel the wrongthinkers with greater regularity.


It is striking that CBS doesn’t even hide their agenda–striking, but now fairly common. The Left is so confident of their grip on our politics and culture that they are openly agitating to close the reducing number of loopholes that still allow bits and pieces of freedom in our lives.

True freedom is equity, sexuality, and abortion. Freedom of thought doesn’t even enter the equation any more. And why should it? They own the means of communication, so allow the rest of us to have opinions only weakens their power.

More than one astute observer has noted that American wokeism is simply repackaged Maoism. The Chinese version of communism has been luring liberals for a long time now. Remember Thomas Friedman’s desire that the US could be “China for a day?”

The left is beyond that now. They just want to be China, period.