You can always count on Republicans pulling out the cowardly “both sides” argument when they are pushed against the wall by their own actions.
Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) tried, on CNN Wednesday morning, to blame Democrats as well for the riots at the Capitol.
CNN host John Berman stopped him in his tracks.
Buck tried to defend Trump’s infamous speech on January 6, before the riot occurred, claiming Trump didn’t tell his followers to break into the Capitol and cause mayhem.
Then as most Republicans do under the Trump administration, he played the “What aboutism” game and tried to blame an old Maxine Waters statement as being supposedly the same thing as plotting an insurrection against the United States of America.
Rep. Buck admitted that on many occasions Trump has not acted very presidential but wondered if his actions were impeachable?
Buck said, “And to say that there’s one speech or one incident that caused this group of people to storm the Capitol is just not accurate. What I’m trying to suggest to you is that both sides are at fault and in America, we need to be very careful — ”
Berman cut him off.
“First of all, you keep saying sides here. I’m not sure Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi are on any sides together. You keep saying both sides. What on earth did any other side do than the side that invaded the US Capitol where I believe you’re sitting right now?”
Rep. Buck never could answer the question and deflected.

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