DHS Internal Memo Orders San Diego Border Patrol to Release Single Adults

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DHS Internal Memo Orders San Diego Border Patrol to Release Single Adults 1

The executive action signed by President Biden on border security on his way out of the country last week was widely slammed as too little, too late. Proof of the sham action has been exposed by an internal memo at DHS.


Remember when Joe Biden came into office and he pledged to have the most transparent administration ever? Biden is a habitual liar. He lied about transparency, too. 

Last Tuesday, Biden made a big show of signing an executive action on border security in front of the White House press corps. He declared that he was “moving past Republican obstruction and using executive authorities available to me as president to do what I can on my own to address the border.” 

Biden is deeply underwater in polling on border security and illegal immigration. He is hemorrhaging Hispanic voters who are moving to support former President Trump in November. Why? Those who come to the United States legally and then go through the long and expensive process to become a legal resident or citizens are among the biggest critics of the open southern border. They rightly see illegal immigration as it is now as deeply unfair. Why should millions of illegal aliens be allowed to cross the southern border and then remain in the United States without penalty? 

Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas began to pin the blame on the open border on Republicans. Yeah, you can’t make this stuff up. They brought congressional Democrats onboard to claim that the Republicans in Congress would not go along with the Senate foreign aid bill that included border security measures. Border security should be a standalone issue. The bill put forth in the Senate was not acceptable to Republicans because it allowed almost 5,000 illegal immigrants per day to cross the southern border before the border would be closed. The allowable number of illegal entries into the United States should be zero. Ever since the vote failed, Democrats have used that vote to point to Republicans as the reason nothing is changing at the border.


The problem with that crazy narrative is that American voters remember it was former President Trump who ran on correcting illegal immigration in the 2016 presidential election. He won that election and secured the southern border. Democrats and their progressive fellow travelers hated him for that. 

Trump is running for re-election now. He promises to secure the southern border on Day One of his next administration. He also promises mass deportation of illegal aliens already in our country. Voters are frustrated and paying attention to this issue. 

Fox News obtained an internal Border Patrol memo. It instructs agents in the San Diego sector to release single adults from the Eastern Hemisphere. This order applied to all illegals except for those from six countries. Those would be classified as hard or very hard to remove.

The internal memo was sent out after Biden signed the executive action

Details in the memo, first reported by the Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli, instructs agents that all single adults from the Eastern Hemisphere are to be processed via “NTA/OR,” which means Notice to Appear/released on Own Recognizance, except for migrants from Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan – which are “mandatory referral” countries.

There are more than 100 countries in the Eastern Hemisphere, meaning that despite the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and President Biden’s threats of consequences and promises to remove migrants who cross illegally under the new executive order, the overwhelming majority of the migrants in the San Diego sector are being released into the U.S.


Allegedly, the catch-and-release initiative will only be done in the San Diego sector. Yeah, right. Who could believe that malarkey? San Diego is receiving the guidance because it is the sector receiving the highest number of illegal aliens as Texas is successfully closing up its border with Mexico. The border crossers moved further west. 

The executive action was always just smoke and mirrors from a very unserious administration. Nothing has changed at the border. Large numbers of illegal aliens are showing up every day. 


The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the executive order. It won’t be properly enforced until legal challenges work through the courts.  Biden was never serious about clamping down on asylum claims. He opened the border and could close it the same way but he chooses not to do that. The open border is deliberate

The rule does not apply to legal immigrants, unaccompanied children or to those judged to be “victims of severe forms of trafficking.” It also doesn’t apply to those who schedule an appointment on the CBP One app at a port of entry, where about 1,500 enter each day.

There is also an exception for those who are allowed to enter “based on the totality of the circumstances, including consideration of significant law enforcement, officer and public safety, urgent humanitarian and public health interests that warrant permitting the noncitizen to enter.”

There are plenty of exceptions so that the order is just for show. The number of illegal border crossers will not ease. It likely will increase the number. They know Trump may win the election in November and they are rushing to the border before he gets back into the White House.