As United States tops 500,000 deaths related to COVID, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Good Morning America that it didn’t have to be this way.
George Stephanopoulos brought up the horrific death toll numbers and asked, “Did this have to be?”
Dr. Fauci did not flinch from the truth, but he didn’t name Trump and his administration directly.
However, there was no one else in charge, so he didn’t have to name the narcissistic buffoon who lied and lied about COVID to the American public.
“Certainly some of it, but not this bad, George,” he said.
He continued, “I mean, I believe that if you look back historically we’ve done worse than most any other country and we’re a highly-developed, rich country.”
“So there were things back then, if you go back and think about what you might have done, the kind of disparate responses of different states rather than having a unified approach, but you know, it’s so tough to go back and try to do a metaphorical autopsy on things went. It was just bad. It is bad now,” Dr. Fauci said.
Dr. Fauci told The Telegraph in an interview that “When I publicly disagreed with Trump he let terrible things happen’.”
The death toll is a blight on Trump, his administration and conservative media outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, One American News, and all the other QAnon and conspiracy alternative media platforms.

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