Just set everything in your hand down and watch this glorious four-and-a-half minute point-by-point takedown of Tucker “Tuckems” Carlson by the glorious and formidable Joy Ann Reid. Nothing is left of him when she’s done — from his rejection by the CIA to his failed career at CNN and MSNBC to his Dan White Society membership.
This is how it’s done when a white supremacist bully comes to town. Hand it right back on a silver platter while shoving his face in it.
We also appreciate the shoutout!
Full transcript below. Enjoy!

So just for the record, I don’t spend a lot of time watching Fox news or the BS factory as CNN’s Jim Acosta colorfully dubbed them this weekend. I like my news and information to be grounded in reality, rather than monetizing my amygdala to keep me on edge and buying MyPillows and gold. However, according to Media Matters, The Root, Crooks and Liars, and others who watch Fox News so you don’t have to, at least three times in last month tucker carlson took time off from badgering strangers in parks and bouncy houses to demand they show him their children’s unmasked faces, to refer to moi as the race lady. The race lady. Why would he call me that? I mean, I used to run track in high school but I’m not that fast. What else could it be? Hmm.

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