Is Leonard Leo Getting Rich Off His Own Non-Profits?

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A key advocacy group in Leonard Leo’s network paid millions to his consulting firm, a new filing shows, the latest example of Leo’s web of nonprofits sending money to his business. Did Jesus say it was okay to evade taxes to personally enrich right-wing heroes, I wonder? Via Politico:

The Concord Fund, a Virginia-based nonprofit, paid $6 million to Leo’s firm CRC Advisors between July 2022 and the end of June 2023 for “Consulting,” according to the filing, provided to POLITICO by the left-leaning watchdog group Accountable.US. The revelations of the large sum transferred to Leo’s firm come amid mounting questions around Leo’s advocacy activities and whether he has stood to gain financially from nonprofit groups pushing a conservative agenda around the country.

D.C. Attorney General Brian Schwalb has been probing Leo’s network, which includes the Concord Fund, as part of an inquiry into whether the groups skirted nonprofit rules. Leo has vowed not to cooperate.

Because Jesus!

In recent years, Leo, co-chairman of the Federalist Society’s board, has amassed outsized influence in conservative legal circles, advising former President Donald Trump on judicial picks. That role has also brought added scrutiny to his financial activities.

He also obtained a massive $1.6 billion gift from the businessman Barre Seid to fund Leo’s agenda through a group called the Marble Freedom Trust. The Marble Freedom Trust, which counts Leo as a trustee and chairman, has transferred tens of millions of dollars to the Concord Fund. The Concord Fund has also paid millions to Leo’s for-profit business.

He doesn’t “advise” Trump on judicial picks. He merely hands over his shopping list. But he denies any self-enrichment. Indeed he does!