MSNBC host Joy Reid said on Tuesday’s edition of ‘The Late Show’ with that Republicans are “targeting” people of color, Latinos, and white evangelicals with their “anti-vax rhetoric.” Reid told host Stephen Colbert that “white evangelical Republicans, African-Americans and Latinos” are being targeted by Republicans in their “disinformation campaign” against the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The targeting of anti-vax rhetoric is very similar to the targeting we saw during the election, both in 2016 and in 2020, and the targets have been Republicans, particularly white evangelical Republicans, African-Americans and Latinos,” Reid said. “Surprise, surprise, it’s the same three groups of people being targeted again with anti-vax information from a very small number of people and they seem determined to get that triad of people to not be vaccinated.”

“When it comes to the people of color, I get it,” Reid said. “They don’t care about those people. But again I go back to Evangelical Republicans being the biggest target of this disinformation campaign. I don’t understand. I mean, the Trump following is in many ways fundamentally a cult. It’s cult in every sense.”