Republicans are rushing through Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process to get her on the Supreme Court in time to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is not what voters want, to say the least. A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll has the details.

A 58% majority opposes overturning the Affordable Care Act as a whole, while 79% oppose overturning preexisting conditions protections. Support for keep the ACA has risen by 10 points since November 2019.

The big difference between people who want to keep the Affordable Care Act and people who want to do away with the ACA but keep its preexisting conditions protections comes from Republicans, 66% of whom want preexisting conditions protections to stay in place but 76% of whom do want the ACA overturned. So they want the law overturned, but one key part of it to remain in place by magic or something. Guys, your party does not have a plan for protecting preexisting protections. Right now it’s the ACA or nothing.

But Republicans don’t understand that: 83% of them think Donald Trump has a plan. Donald Trump does not have a plan. Nine out of 10 Democrats and nearly six out of 10 independents understand that.

Joe Biden has a clear edge over Trump on every healthcare issue polled, including women’s reproductive health choices, the future of the ACA, those all-important preexisting conditions protections, the coronavirus outbreak, the cost of health care, surprise medical bills, a COVID-19 vaccine, and prescription drug costs. Biden’s edge on all those issues includes a lead among senior voters.

The healthcare policies voters want don’t matter to Senate Republicans and Trump, though. The Supreme Court hears arguments on the future of the ACA on Nov. 10, and Republicans are determined to have Barrett there to cast a vote to burn it all down. Yes, even preexisting conditions.

Large majority wants to keep the Affordable Care Act. Amy Coney Barrett disagrees, though, so ... 1