Via the A.V. Club, a look at the latest from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, where we learn that company quotas at meatpacking plants mean some workers have to wear diapers at work:
Then there are the puny fines for worker injury, dismemberment, and death, which, as Oliver, pointing to meat moguls JBS, amount to about .00003 percent of total profits. A slap on the wrist that, as Oliver puts it with characteristic disdain, motivates companies like JBS to give a similarly minuscule “fraction of a fuck about the safety for their workers.” Then there’s the fact that meatpacking giants like their facilities located in rural, isolated areas or jurisdictions where state-level standards can be lowered with aggressive lobbying. (Or straight-up bribes, as Oliver shows in one egregious case from late Texas poultry king Bo Pilgrim, who was caught simply handing legislators blank ten-thousand-dollar checks to legislators.) And that such industries rely on job-insecure populations (immigrants, the formerly incarcerated, the impoverished) who are much less likely to risk their jobs by complaining.

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