Lou Dobbs: For Minority Children and Parents The Democrat Effort To Keep Schools Closed Is Outrageous

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FOX Business host Lou Dobbs said keeping schools closed will hurt minorities the most in an interview with President Trump on Tuesday.

“As you talk about the schools, it’s interesting that we have such a politicized, deeply partisan divide in this country that is finding expression even in the education of our children,” Dobbs said. “And particularly for minorities in this country, this will be a tremendous, tremendous backstep for them, because they need desperately education. Our public schools are the great equalizer in our society. And to defer their education is — is absolutely outrageous.”
“For the Democrats to pretend that they’re doing this for the American people is absurd,” he continued. “These radical Dems and the Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, the two largest teachers unions, seem to be on the front of wanting not to work, and wanting not to be in the classroom teaching those who need education most, our young people.”