Here’s Michael Lewis, talking about his new book “The Premonition”, all about a group of doctors and researchers who saw the pandemic and tried to get the CDC and state governments to take action.
Like Dr. Charity Dean, I saw the stories about the Chinese government welding shut apartment doors. I knew that wasn’t good.
I also knew there were doctors trying to get the word out early in the pandemic. A friend’s relative (an epidemiologist) was trying to sound the alarm, going on TV shows and talking about what was coming. Most people didn’t take him seriously. I did; that’s why I stocked up on masks, supplements, hand sanitizer and other items when most people believed (or hoped) it would all be over quickly.

Michael Lewis has written 14 books, most of them about people who saw things coming – crashes on Wall Street, the next great idea in Major League Baseball, the value of a left tackle in football. His new book, called “The Premonition,” follows a group of doctors and scientists who saw the pandemic coming, and raced to sound the alarm. But this is not just a book about the past. The book itself is a premonition.
When Michael Lewis began work on his book about America’s failed response to the pandemic, he had a beginning but no middle or end.

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