In the news today: Movement on multiple fronts in the House and Senate as Democrats push forward on voting rights, a $3.5 trillion budget, and a pathway to citizenship for longtime U.S. residents. President Biden continues the push to end the pandemic through widespread vaccinations. On the other end of the political spectrum, the ranks of conservative radio hosts continue to be thinned as members of one of the nation’s most prominent chunks of pandemic anti-safety rhetoric continue to … die off. Literally.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

The vaccine mandate is exactly the confrontation that America needs, and not just to end COVID-19

House Democrats unveil tax plan to fund $3.5 trillion budget with tax hikes on rich, corporations

‘This is the year’: House Judiciary advances proposal creating pathway to citizenship for millions

Senate Democrats introduce revised voting rights bill with backing of both Sens. Manchin and Warnock

COVID-19 is making some room on the AM dial as six conspiracy-spreading radio hosts die in six weeks

Community Spotlight:

The Supreme Court’s Texas abortion ban decision is their 21st century Dred Scott

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My experience as a poll worker in the CA recall

The score is currently 245-9 and Trump is winning

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News Roundup: Dems push forward on budget, voting rights, citizenship; six AM radio hosts now dead 1