In today’s news: Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz may be denying allegations of sex trafficking (and a whole bunch else), but that didn’t stop him from pressing for a last-minute Trump pardon. Tucker Carlson continues to wave the flag of violent white nationalism. The filibuster fight takes a religious turn, as faith leaders press the Senate to stop hiding behind process to dodge issues of civil rights.

Here’s just some of what you may have missed:

Gaetz sought a blanket pardon for indictments not yet made, on crimes every Republican knew about

South Carolina’s governor revives the language of racism in the past to defend racism in the present

In a report full of holes, sheriff’s office exonerates federal marshals for killing antifa fugitive

Fox News takes a big step toward painting Capitol insurrectionists as heroes and patriots

It’s leaders of every faith vs. Sinema and Manchin over the filibuster—but especially Sinema

From the community:

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