Governor Gavin Newsom was blunt about Larry Elder’s refusal to accept the results of the recall election and the larger implications for the country as a whole. When asked by MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff about Larry Elder’s refusal to commit to accepting the outcome of the election, Newsom took off his mask and kid gloves.
“Just think about what you just said to me,” Newsom said. “Donald Trump putting out something for the second time. What that sends — what that message sends to the United States.”
“People all across this country told that the vote doesn’t matter, that the whole thing is rigged,” he fumed. “They are quite literally trying to dismantle democracy and trust in this country in, our very nation. This is fundamental. this is serious stuff. I hope people are paying attention to this.”
Same here, Governor. But the fact of the matter is that Republicans now view the Big Lie as an article of faith, one which must always be at the center of every election they are not winning. But maybe, as Newsom says, it’s bad for Republicans too!
“The irony of it, it’s going to hurt the Republican party because they’re telling their voters, their vote doesn’t even matter. So it’s a hell of a thing,” he explained.
It is indeed, and Newsom nailed it in this short clip.
Meanwhile, here’s what Larry Elder had to say at approximately the same time:

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