Not much to say about this. I suspect that this state senator given the opportunity would do the exact same thing he did last year that prevented a vote of a climate change bill. These type of people are usually beyond redemption.
Source: The Independent
An Oregon Republican state senator who previously prevented a vote on a climate change bill, has had his house destroyed in wildfires.
Fred Girod was one of 11 Oregon state senators who refused to turn up to the state Capitol in June 2019, which prevented quorum for a vote on climate change legislation.
The bill was an attempt to pass a cap-and-trade proposal, which would set a limit on pollution and aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically by 2050 and help combat climate change in the state, according to Labor411.
The 69-year-old, alongside 11 of his colleagues refused to attend the session, which prevented the 18 Democratic state senators from reaching quorum, which needed 20 officials present.
The Oregon state Democrats attempted to pass a similar bill by working with Mr Girod earlier this year, but he quit the project and accused them of making “fake concessions”.

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