Infidel753: How do you plan for your online death?
Mahablog: If the Democrats win in November, what comes next?
Washington Center for Equitable Growth: How do I love thee, unemployment insurance? Let me count the ways.
Juanita Jean’s: When it comes to Trump and Barr, if the glove fits, you can’t acquit.
Speaking of which, your quote of the day:
“I am troubled about the fact that we seem to be moving ever further down the road of the criminalization of politics.” (Rep. Mike Pence, May 27, 2007.)
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Heather Kass won the endorsement of her county’s Democratic Party over progressive Jessica Benham, 49-19. The state party has distanced itself from the decision.
Source: Raw Story
A Pennsylvania statehouse candidate with a controversial social media history and past support of President Donald Trump has won the endorsement of her county’s Democratic Party.
Heather Kass entered the Democratic primary last month to replace state Rep. Harry Readshaw, who’s retiring, and the Allegheny County Democratic Committee overwhelmingly voted to endorse her over disability-rights activist Jessica Benham, reported the Pittsburgh Current.
That endorsement came despite Kass’ outspoken support for Trump and wishing that drug addicts would overdose so there would be “less sh*t in the world,” and she also denounced the Affordable Care Act.
“THESE LAZY NO GOOD IDIOTS SUCKING THE SYSTEM DRY AND I STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM,” Kass posted on her Facebook page in 2015. “GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!”

For her part, Kass has since apologized for her pro-Trump posts, saying she was under a lot of stress back then and had medical issues.

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The Boy Scouts of America’s national organization filed for Chapter 11 this morning. Like the Catholic Church, BSA is facing massive backlash and lawsuits over sexual abuse of children. NBC:
A spokesman for the Boy Scouts of America said in a statement that the filing had “two key objectives: equitably compensate victims who were harmed during their time in Scouting and continue carrying out its mission for years to come. The BSA intends to use the Chapter 11 process to create a Victims Compensation Trust that would provide equitable compensation to victims.”
The Boy Scouts said that only the national organization had filed for Chapter 11 and that local councils that provide programming and other services are financially independent.
“The BSA cares deeply about all victims of abuse and sincerely apologizes to anyone who was harmed during their time in Scouting. We are outraged that there have been times when individuals took advantage of our programs to harm innocent children,” Roger Mosby, BSA’s president and chief executive officer, said in a statement Tuesday.

Wait, I thought Trump was a stable genius at television spectacle?
Turns out by ripping up her photocopy of the speech, Nancy Pelosi captured many times more precious TV minutes than anything Trump did or said at his game show, lie-filled State of the Union address. Even on Fox and Friends. Media Matters:
Fox & Friends was overwhelmingly more concerned with Pelosi’s symbolic shredding of Trump’s speech, spending 21 minutes on Pelosi and completely ignoring the various misleading and false claims within the State of the Union. In fact, the only mentions of the speech containing lies came in reference to Pelosi, such as when the hosts merely pointed out that Pelosi ripped up the speech because she believed it to be “a pack of lies.”
You reported that, Steve Doocy?
And her act infected Trump’s twitter stream, too? #Winning!

Trump tweeted or retweeted 21 times about Pelosi ripping up his speech.He’s not mad, though.
— Sikamikanico 👩🏻‍💻 (@Sikamikanico) February 6, 2020

This ad by Eleven Films is devastating, not because they took Adam Schiff’s closing argument and put images with it, but because of their choice of images. Donald Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, his gestures, his childish behavior, his friend Rudy, and more.
The filmmakers have taken Schiff’s imagery and added images. It’s brilliant.
On this day when senators will vote to acquit Donald Trump of his high crimes and misdemeanors, effectively making all abuses of power above the law, the truth is a refreshing change.
Shame on every one of them.

FULL MEASURE: In just over two weeks, President Trump gives his State of the Union address. We thought it would be a good time to get a Full Measure State of the Swamp assessment. We went to two swamp-watching experts. The first Congressman Ken Buck a Republican we first interviewed a little over two years ago who blew the whistle on the swamp and party elites he says, “live like kings and govern like bullies.

Sharyl Attkisson: Is what you describe- what some Americans might call ‘the establishment’?

Rep. Buck: Absolutely.

Congressman Ken Buck is a former federal prosecutor. He spoke with us in 2017 after writingDrain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse than You Think.

It exposed what he called pay-to-play corruption, backroom arm-twisting and Congressional positions for sale to who ever raises the most money. More than two years later, we set out to find what, if anything, has changed.

Sharyl: How much of the week on average do you think are members of Congress having to spend raising money?

Rep. Ken Buck: Oh, I think that we probably spend somewhere between a quarter and a half of our time raising money for reelection.

Sharyl: Has that been about the same in the years you’ve been here?

Rep. Ken Buck: Yeah, I think so.

Sharyl: In terms of a brief review, can you describe the process of dialing for dollars”? What happens? How money is raised here?

Rep. Ken Buck: Sure. So we go over to the NRCC offices or I oftentimes call from my condo here in town. And a lot of the fundraising happens back in the district or there are events that are here. But literally there will be lists prepared for us to go over to the NRCC and call from lists.

The NRCC is the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is outfitted with the fundraising necessities: cubicles and telephones. Democrats have their own version both offices just steps from the Capitol.

Sharyl: Do you a quota as to how much the party expects you to raise?

Rep. Ken Buck: I do have a, I don’t know if it’s quota, but it’s a hard and fast goal, I would say.

Sharyl: How much is yours?

Rep. Ken Buck: Mine right now is $275,000.

Sharyl: You have to raise and what time period?

Rep. Ken Buck: Over the two year cycle.

Sharyl: With fundraising limits, meaning you can only raise so much from a single person or entity, that must be hard.

Rep. Ken Buck: It’s challenging.

Sharyl: Do you feel like you’ve fallen into the system? This was something you strongly objected to and criticized when we last spoke, now it sounds like you’re operating quite well inside the system.

Rep. Ken Buck: Yeah, I still object to it. And my objection was always that there was an amount of money to pay to be on a committee or an amount of money to pay to be the chair or the Republican leader of a committee, and I still have strong objections to that. But in terms of raising money for my own reelection, I think everybody comes here knowing that if they want to get reelected, they’re gonna have to raise a certain amount of money.

Larry Klayman is also a former federal prosecutor and longtime swamp-watcher. He head up Freedom Watch, a public interest group that investigates government corruption.

Sharyl: What would you tell the public, is the state of what we may think of as the Washington DC swamp, today?

Larry Klayman: It’s a club, it’s like the National Football League. You have the American Conference and you have the National Conference, but they’re all part of the same conference, the same league. They protect each other because they’re making a tremendous amount of money, they’re acquiring great power.

Sharyl: I’ve heard that from a lot of people President Trump came into office promising to “drain the swamp. Has he had success or has the swamp gotten the better of him?

Larry Klayman: The swamp has been trying to swallow him up. No, he has not had success and I commend him for trying to do that. What I like about the president is he will say what’s on his mind. You may not always like what he says, but he doesn’t pull any punches, and that’s quite rare. The problem is, is that around him are people who want to take him down, even in the White House. The poor guy’s been fighting for his survival now for going on three years. So, there’s a lot of things he’s tried to do about cleaning up the swamp, but it seems that the swamp has got him more than he’s got the swamp.

Sharyl: Let’s say President Trump is not re-elected. Where do you see the state of the swamp going?

Larry Klayman: I think it’ll go crazy.

Sharyl: What if President Trump is elected to a second term?

Larry Klayman: It’s really hard to gauge what’s going to happen, but I hope that somehow he breaks through and does hold the swamp accountable. I hope that this Republican establishment on Capitol Hill, in fact even people in the White House, will start to back him up. Look, he’s not perfect, Sharyl. I have to say, I don’t think he committed an impeachable offense with regard to the Ukraine. Having just been cleared of the Russian collusion investigation, it had to have been one of the stupidest things to do, excuse the slurring of the words on stupid, to then try to influence Ukraine to then investigate Biden. I don’t think it was impeachable, I don’t think he committed a crime, but he handed them, the Democrats, a gift.

Sharyl: Frankly, many Republicans are not on Trump’s side.

Klayman: Well, they’ve never wanted him there because he breaks up the money train, he breaks up the power train.

Sharyl: President Trump came in promising to try to drain the swamp. Has there been any draining of the swamp here on Capitol Hill?

Rep. Ken Buck: I think the president’s done a good job with the folks that he has put in place on this cabinet and I think he’s done a good job in other ways. But in terms of the legislative branch, it has been largely unaffected by the president’s policies.

Sharyl: Has anyone ever sidled up to you and said things like, “Tone it down a little bit, Ken? Any fellow members of the Republican Party or any leaders, “Go along, get along?”

Rep. Ken Buck: Sure. Absolutely. And along the same lines I’ve had people come up to me and say, “Ken, you’re absolutely right. I just can’t help you with this.”

Sharyl: How do those conversations go when someone kind of tells you to go along?

Rep. Ken Buck: Well, those are short conversations.

Sharyl: Is there anything to be said about the power of one? Do you feel like you personally have been able to make any sort of difference in terms of the swamp, as we know it, here in Washington DC?

Rep. Ken Buck: No.

Sharyl: Easy to answer?

Rep. Ken Buck: There’s no need to explain that. There are so many people that like the system the way it is and thrive in the system the way it is that it’s impossible.

Via the Washington Post, more proof that Trump can’t be trusted with our national security because he’s so gullible and easily manipulated — as our boy Vlad has clearly figured out.
Chris Matthews was on it last night.
“I want to ask you: Is Trump in Putin’s party or is Putin in Trump’s party? I’ve never seen such collaboration as of today,” he said.
“Here he is, the Washington Post reporting tonight that multiple former White House officials say they fear that Russian President Vladimir Putin directly influenced President Trump’s views about Ukraine and the 2016 election. They say his views may have been shaped when the two leaders met privately on the G-20 summit in the summer of ’17. The Washington Post writes one former senior official states that Trump even stated so, saying he knew Ukraine was the real culprit because ‘Putin told me.’ That’s how he gets his information. Meanwhile, Putin is coming to Trump’s defense on impeachment saying the party that lost the 2016 election, the Democratic party is trying to achieve results by other means. They are working together in tandem.”
“Yeah, that’s right, Chris. And it’s very much Trump and Putin’s party because Putin is the one writing the music and Trump is just the one singing the tune here,” Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former national security adviser, said.

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Via CBS News:
Washington — Although there were several procedural errors, the FBI was justified and lacked political bias when it launched its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, the Department of Justice inspector general (IG) found in a report published Monday.
Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s IG, will testify about his conclusions on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to question him about the FBI’s procedural errors discovered and analyzed by his team.
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Former Congressman Harold Ford (D-TN) gives his take on Michael Bloomberg and the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

BRET BAIER: We are getting ready for these public hearings on impeachment. How much do you think this factors in on the campaign trail and what 2020 candidates are talking about ahead of this debate in Atlanta?

FMR. REP. HAROLD FORD JR. (D-TN): By Wednesday evening, I think we’re going to have a very strong sense. I think what Senator Kennedy said, he wants to measure the credibility of these witnesses. He wants to measure the tone of these witnesses. He wants to get a sense of hearing their words and hearing them talk, see them cross-examined.

I think by Wednesday evening and perhaps Friday afternoon after the ambassador comes forward, we’re going to have a much better sense of Nancy Pelosi who I think has been the most mature of all the politicians in D.C. around this issue because I don’t that she really wanted to do this.

But if she does not feel that the Democrats can have a sound vote, a bipartisan vote, and maybe even the chance to remove the president, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t pull this in the next several days. If this first week does not go well.