Paul Krugman asks why Republicans, on the verge of an election, aren’t trying to solve any of America’s problems.
One thing that’s clear … is that Republicans — not just Donald Trump, but his whole party — are acting as if there’s no tomorrow. Or, more precisely, they’re acting as if there’s no next year.
… consider the large (and illegal) indoor rally Trump held Sunday in Nevada.
Before the release of Bob Woodward’s new book Rage, you might have argued that Trump doesn’t believe the science and didn’t realize that his event might well sicken and kill many people. But we now know that he’s well aware of the risks, and has been all along. He just doesn’t care.
Or consider Trump’s weeks of silence and inaction on the wildfires ravaging Western states.
… those states account for almost 19 percent of the U.S. economy; you might think that he’d care about the damage they’re suffering, which will spill over to the rest of the country. But he clearly doesn’t.

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