During his “Coffee With Scott Adams” podcast on Wednesday morning, the ‘Dilbert’ creator thinks outside the box about how the riots last week on Capitol Hill have been branded as an insurrectionary “coup attempt” by the media.

“The fake news has sold you on the idea that there was a ‘coup attempt’ and/or an ‘insurrection’ … but here’s what got lost in the story,” he said. “What Ted Cruz and the other Republicans were asking for was not ‘overthrowing the election.’ But how is it being reported? Did Ted Cruz ever say he would like to overturn the election? Nope. How about Josh Hawley? Nope. Not a single person, at least not in Congress.”

“Did Trump say overturn the election? Nope.”

“All I know is Ted Cruz asking for ten days for an audit. We had ten days and it wouldn’t change the outcome unless we found something we don’t know, and wouldn’t that make the whole country more comfortable?”

“So Congress was trying to take an election that did not have credibility with enough of the public, it might have been fair and free, but how would I know, I don’t have direct evidence, I only have news reports,” he explained. “That’s not just for Republicans, that’s for everybody… But wouldn’t you be better off knowing the election worked?”

“The fake news has brainwashed the public into thinking this was a coup. To which I ask: If this were a coup attempt, as opposed to trying to force Congress to have a ten-day audit and transparency — if it were a real coup, how was that coup going to work?”

“Did they think, these clever coup plotters, that once they had occupied two empty rooms that they were then the leaders of the country, they were now running the country? Is their thinking? I don’t think so.”

Did they think that standing the magic lectern, which did happen, Nancy Pelosi’s lectern was stolen. Were they thinking if they could get ahold of the magic golden lectern, they would have power over the whole world? It looked more like they were getting souvenirs.”

“If you’re trying to make the current system work better and more transparently, you’re doing the opposite of a coup… You actually had an ‘insurrection’ to try to force Congress just to do its job. And that is being presented as a ‘coup attempt’ and an ‘insurrection.’ It is literally the opposite.”

“If the intent was a coup, I think they would have used some weapons?” he said. “If the intent was a change of government based on their threats or violence, would they do it that way? What kind of a weak-ass coup takes over two empty rooms, steals a lectern, and then declares they’re in charge of the United States now?”