Trump: Would Be “Easiest And Very Beautiful” To Do RNC Speech “Live From The White House”

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President Trump told “FOX & Friends” on Wednesday morning that it might be most convenient to do his Republican National Convention speech live from the White House.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we are going to have — we’re going to have the very first night we’ll be in Charlotte. But that’s locked down, that state — the governor just locked them down, I don’t know what he’s doing. They just locked North Carolina down. We were dying — we were really wanting to go to North Carolina, and so what we are doing is we are doing one night there. And it’ll be a nomination night and it’ll go very well.

We’re going to let the press go in and watch it, but socially distanced and lots of things are happening. The state is in a lockdown. States are — we had no choice. We went to Jacksonville, a place that we’re very good, but after we announced, all of a sudden Florida got hit, and now Florida’s recovering.

But what we’re going to do is we’re going to do virtual and we’re going to do some live speeches from different locations, and I’m going to do mine on Thursday night, and that’ll be a lot — the First Lady’s making a speech. Numerous people are making speeches, senators, a lot of very, very terrific people. We have a terrific —


TRUMP: — really a terrific speakers list. Some of the warrior congressmen that you’ve watched, Jim Jordan and so many others, Matt Gaetz. We have — these guys were warriors fighting against just a horrible force that hopefully will get their act together.

KILMEADE: Right. Mr. President?

TRUMP: We’ll have some great, great people making speeches.

KILMEADE: Speaking of —

TRUMP: I’ll probably do mine live from the White House.

KILMEADE: So, it looks like live from the White House. It’s — so would you say you’re locked in on that?



TRUMP: If for some reason somebody had difficulty with it, I could go someplace else. The easiest, least expensive, and I think very beautiful would be live from the White House.

KILMEADE: Right. Your home there and bills are all paid for.