One woman was received a hysterectomy because she was told she had cancer, but she was never was given a biopsy for cancer.
One woman was told she needed a hysterectomy because she had Stage 4 cervical cancer, but after the procedure was informed by an oncologist that she never had cancer.
More than one woman came back bruised from their visits with this doctor.
One woman was given three different reasons for her hysterectomy, ultimately for a condition from which she did not suffer.
All of these women are ICE detainees in Georgia, and they were all patients of a gynecologist named Mahindra Amin.
Thanks to a hero whistleblower, Dawn Wooten, his crimes are coming to light and being investigated. This has been going on over the course of three years. THREE YEARS. For three years women who came to this country, seeking asylum or not, but all seeking a better life, have been jailed in unimaginable conditions and now, we’re learning, subject to the whims of a sadist with a scalpel.
Julia Ainsley spoke to Nicolle Wallace about her reporting on new information coming out on the story, and Jacob Soboroff spoke with Ms. Wooten, who worked at the facility performing these unnecessary procedures.

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