That Amy Coney Barrett is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court has been proven every day since she accepted the nomination from Donald Trump, hours after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. It was proven when she participated in the Rose Garden superspreader celebration before RBG had even been buried. It was proven when she point-blank refused to answer any substantive questions.

Her very willingness to participate in this coup—and it is a coup—was capped by her co-starring in what is nothing more than a Trump campaign ad, filmed at Trump’s favorite set, the White House. That. Is. Who. She. Is. And Republicans are absolutely crowing about it, led by the troll in chief Mitch McConnell. They understand how much they’ve broken by giving Trump one-third of the Supreme Court on a silver platter, in hopes of handing him reelection against the will of the people. Possibly even in hopes of saving their own electoral necks. Check out McConnell’s reaction to the confirmation vote on Fox News.

Here’s Mitch McConnell on Fox News saying he thinks Amy Coney Barrett will be a “political asset” for Republican candidates

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 27, 2020

Protect our lives. Protect our rights. Protect our democracy. Help take the Senate back from McConnell .

“I think this nominee will be a political asset for our candidates around the country. Not a liability, but an asset,” he said. He couched that in terms of the 2018 election, which was an entirely different beast with Democrats on the defense in hostile states. He’s well aware that his majority is certainly toast in 2020. That is, unless he’s counting on a Supreme Court that tosses election results for Senate elections while it’s also helping out Trump.

That’s not a stretch. McConnell has couched this confirmation, along with everything else he’s done, in pure, raw, corrupt political terms. “The reason this outcome came about is because we had a series of successful elections,” he said Monday after the Barrett vote. “What this administration and this Republican Senate has done is exercise the power that was given to us by the American people in a manner that is entirely within the rules of the Senate and the Constitution of the United States.” Never mind that Trump lost the popular vote. Never mind that the Senate that confirmed her represents a minority of Americans, that the new majority of the Supreme Court was confirmed by Republican Senates which represent a minority of Americans. Since acres of land, sagebrush, cows, and corn and soy bean fields can’t vote.

Americans are voting now, have been in record-smashing numbers in this early vote, to go along with the record-smashing fundraising on the part of Democrats—a clear repudiation of Trump, McConnell, and everything they stand for.

McConnell’s reckoning is coming (maybe it’s already started from within, the corruption rotting his soul now manifest in his blackened hands). It’s going to be very harsh and completely deserved.

Let's make Trump and McConnell eat their own crow over the Supreme Court 1