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Building the People’s Banks

After Democrats swept into control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms, something unusual happened: almost no incoming freshmen sought a seat on the House Financial Services Committee. Not only is the panel one of the most important and wide-ranging in Congress—with jurisdiction over banking regulations, the affordable housing crisis, economic discrimination, retirement security, and the macro economy—it’s historically been a landing spot for swing-state Democrats looking for a fertile source of campaign fund-raising from deep-pocketed financiers. Yet the centrist Democrats saw more peril than promise in accepting Wall Street donations.

The Shots Not Taken

Democrats shy from confrontation in Tuesday’s debate, but Warren may get a bounce from her not-quite-but-more-than-confrontational comeback.

Democratic Debates 2020: Live Updates

Tonight the Democratic presidential debates continue in Iowa, and you can follow the thoughts and musings of the Prospect‘s writers in real time. Below we have assembled a Twitter list of our staff, who will be commenting live as the debate happens. Get insights from our team: