In the news today: While the hoped-for “herd immunity” is still in doubt, vaccinations are still expected to make serious headway against the COVID-19 pandemic within the next few months. But will Fox News let it happen? A U.S. Capitol police officer beaten severely by insurrectionists is still pleading with Republican lawmakers to stop downplaying the attack that led to at least five deaths. And Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis dispenses with the free press for a bill signing meant to curry Trump’s favor, because that’s the nation we live in now.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

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Biden admin officially reverses policy retaliating against so-called sanctuary cities

DeSantis turns signing of Florida voter suppression bill into a Fox News-exclusive partisan circus

Fox News is playing a deadly game with its viewers, and death is winning

‘Even as I write this it brings me to tears’: Police officer Michael Fanone pens letter to Congress

From the community:

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News Roundup: Pandemic relief in sight; Fox News has a body count; Ron DeSantis sucks up 1