Real America's Voice Guest Calls For Violence Against Michael Cohen

Real America's Voice Guest Calls For Violence Against Michael Cohen 1

A supporter of Donald Trump called for violence against attorney Michael Cohen because his testimony could result in an indictment for the former president.

During a Monday interview on MAGA network Real America’s Voice, host Ed Henry spoke to a guest named Jared.

“He lives in New York, right? Michael Cohen? He lives in Manhattan?” Jared pointed out. “I hope he’s being protected, because even though the president doesn’t condone violence, that man needs his ass handed to him.”

“Maybe not violence,” Henry interrupted. “We’re not calling for violence.”

“I mean, he’s a lying sack of crap, man,” Jared continued. “It pisses me off. And I’d slap a figure-four leg lock on him in seconds. That guy is disgusting. You talk about a horse face.”

“He’s like, I can’t stand that guy,” he added. “Right between the eyes, he needs it. Anyway, that’s my opinion on Michael Cohen. You can’t let somebody like that off the hook. You can’t let him off the hook.”

Co-host Karyn Turk downplayed the guest’s calls for violence.

“Well, and being from Jersey myself, I want to say that like the things that you say, you know, these are normal speak for someone from Jersey,” she opined. “They’re not to be taken totally, literally.”

“Don’t blame Jersey,” Jared quipped. “Just blame me. I’m a man of loyalty. I’m a man of passion. I’m a man of conviction. And for that man to do what he did alone, he needs his ass handed to him.”

The guest insisted that he was usually a “gentle man.”

“It doesn’t sound like it this morning,” Henry observed.

Trump has also suggested his supporters engage in violent protest as he faces a possible indictment concerning hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Police Sargent Who Grabbed Officer By The Throat Now Charged With Assault

Police Sargent Who Grabbed Officer By The Throat Now Charged With Assault 2

You might remember this story from earlier in the year. Pullease was pepper-spraying a suspect directly in the face, apparently while he was handcuffed in the back of a squad car when another officer objected. He became irate, grabbed her by the throat and pepper-sprayed her as well. Well, after a long investigation he’s now under arrest. He had been on paid administrative leave ever since.

Source: NBC News

A Florida police sergeant who was seen in body camera video grabbing another officer by her throat last year was charged with battery and assault on a law enforcement officer, officials said Thursday.

Christopher Pullease, 47, was also charged with evidence tampering and assaulting a civilian during the Nov. 19 incident, the Broward State Attorney’s office said in a statement.

Pullease, who was relieved of his supervisory duties in January, was accused of “intentionally touching or striking” the female officer against her will and assaulting her when he held pepper spray to her face, the statement said.

The assault charge against the civilian, who was being arrested on what authorities described as a violent felony when the incident occurred, was prompted by Pullease holding the spray to the man’s face, the prosecutor’s office said.